Webpage coming soon!

Update (3/16/2022): It has been a while since I updated this page, but Weezer just put out their new song "A Little Bit of Love". Pretty excited for SZNZ.

Update (4/29/2021): Weezer NFTs, not so good Al. Prices tanked immediately, because Weezer fans fear that NFTs will kill the planet

Update (4/16/2021): I am about to watch the Weezer OK Human live stream, hi to all of those on reddit - shipguy55

Update (4/14/2021): Just hijacked the domain at the end of Weezer's Grapes of Wrath music video!

While you are here, I think you should check out this Weezer shitpost I made

I am planning on making this page into a Weezer fanpage

Thank you for checking out my page, and I hope to have something here for you soon!

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